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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need a house/flat rewire?

A: If your house has some of these visible signs then a rewire may be required :- round porcelain switches or sockets, earthing (yellow and green cables about the thickness of a pencil) missing at fuseboard area, twisted wires to lamp holders on ceiling lights, does the fuseboard look old and possibly have visible wooden parts, are all of the sockets on the skirting board and it is difficult to plug modern equipment in? I have been to a customer’s house where previous electricians have recommended a rewire and all it needed was a check of the state of the wiring and some minor corrections (the customer was slightly more pleased to get a bill for £165 rather than £4500/£6000 as was quoted by previous electricians!)


Q: How much should a full rewire cost?

A: Obviously this will depend to certain extent on the size and condition of the house and whether it is occupied or not. For a normal rewire the price range ought to be between £2000 and £4000.


Q: Do I need a new fuseboard bring my property in line with the current wiring regulations?

A: There is no law to say that you must upgrade to a new fuseboard, but if you are having your property rewired or some heavy building works done (i.e. loft conversion/extension/new kitchen or bathroom) then I would recommend having an old fuseboard upgraded at around the same time for peace of mind and to keep the building inspector happy!


Q: I have just had a new fuseboard installed and some sockets/lights don’t work now but did when the old fuseboard was in and the electrician says the new fuseboard is not his problem.

A: If the new fuseboard has RCD’s (Residual Circuit Device) fitted then it is picking up a fault on the circuit(s) which is probably the neutral and earth conductors touching somewhere, the old fuses only pick up faults on the live to earth and live to neutral so at least your RCD is doing it’s job! With regards to the electrician who carried out the work, he should have done some tests prior to work commencing and informed you of any problems likely to arise, it is the same as if a mechanic had put a new engine in your car only for him to tell your 3rd gear won’t work and it’s not his problem. (IF YOU ARE HAVING THIS TYPE OF WORK DONE AND THE ELECTRICIAN DOES NOT DO ANY TESTING PRIOR TO THE WORK ALARM BELLS SHOULD BE RINGING, PROFESSIONAL QUALIFIED ELECTRICIANS ALWAYS TEST FOR FAULTS BEFORE THIS SORT OF WORK COMMENCES).


Q: How do I know if an electrician is qualified?

A: Firstly you are always within your rights to know this and one way this can be easily demonstrated for example is by the electrician producing his joint industry board (JIB)card when asked for, this guarantees that the electrician has completed a time served 4 year apprenticeship and has passed the strict exams required to be an electrician to work on any kind of electrical installation, to certificate their own work in domestic dwellings as required by part P of the building regulations they must also belong to a governing body such as the NICEIC domestic installer scheme of which ELEC 4U is a member and I personally hold the grade of Approved Electrician (one up from standard electrician) on my JIB card.


Q: What if the electrician doesn’t have a JIB card?

A: If the electrician doesn’t have a JIB grade card it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t a good electrician it just means that they haven’t completed a JIB Apprenticeship and could have done a fast track course to become a Domestic Electrician for example by attending a short course at a training centre, or they are working for a company which has NICEIC/NAPIT/ELECSA membership but could not be a qualified electrician(IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT ABOUT THE COMPETENCY OF THE ELECTRICIAN DON’T TAKE THE RISK DO NOT USE THEM, ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU WANT A GOOD ELECTRICIAN HAS NOTHING TO HIDE AND HAS A LOT OF USEFUL EXPERIENCE FOR THE CUSTOMER TO USE BEHIND THEM)either way it is up to you the customer to weigh up the facts and choose the electrician you want to do the work in your property.


Q: Can I do any electrical work myself and you come and issue a certificate for me?

A: I can only issue a certificate for work that ELEC 4U has done, this certificate guarantees the work has been carried out to a high professional standard and more importantly is safe.


Q: Is there anywhere online to check an electrician’s credentials?

A: You can log on to a site such as TrustaTrader.com to check on whether the electrician is registered and it will give you a list of reviews from customers and a gallery of the electricians work for you to glance at, TrustaTrader.com demand to see ALL certification and many references of previous customers before they consider allowing anyone on their listings and have a good system for complaints and payment of tradesmen.


Q: How do I spot a cowboy electrician?

A: In my experience after talking to people who have had cowboy electricians working on their property and rectifying/repairing frequently dangerous work these type of people leave behind I can give you these tips on how to spot on:

1. They will ask for money up front for even the smallest job.

2. They cannot supply you any information to contact them other than by phone (i.e. postal address).

3. They are not a member of the NICEIC or any other electrical standards body and do not hold a JIB grade card and downplay being a member of these organizations.

4. Cannot supply you with an electrical certificate for the works you wish to be carried out.

5. The cost of the works will be low at the start and high at the end with no paper trail for you to check (I am always happy to explain a breakdown of costs to customers ).

6. Faults that had to be rectified with no proof (i.e. photos) and are now impossible to see that there was a fault in the first place (therefore no work has actually been done).

7. They always want to be paid in cash to allow them to deny any work took place and no record on paper that you paid them.

8. They will frighten you into getting the work done and not explain what the problem is and most likely not want you to check via another source (i.e. internet or other electrician) hurrying you in to make a decision to have the work done there and then.

9. When making a quote for the work you require they do not check the fuseboard and conduct a test on it with an electrical instrument (which is at least around the size of a brick and has leads coming from it).

10. Will not have a knowledge of building regulations in relation to the work you require.

11. The materials they use will be of low quality and charge you for best( in the dark you can see a flash behind the plastic of a switch on a socket outlet for example on low quality products) ELEC 4U always uses high quality materials from reputable electrical wholesalers who in turn check where the product comes from (not cheap unsafe counterfeit copies from who knows where?).

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